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Here are some frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have questions that are not addressed here.

Where is the link to my account?
How do I download and e-book purchase?
What happens when I pre-order a book?
How do I transfer my files to my e-reader?
How do I use a coupon code or gift certificate code?
Why do you accept only PayPal?
Why does my invoice show "Pelican Ventures" instead of "Pelican Book Group"?
Why are some e-books available only in PDF?
How do I know if I'm ordering a paperback or e-book?
Why don't you offer refunds on digital products?
What are the advantages of e-reading?
I purchased an e-book collection; what happens next?


  • Where is the link to My Account?

The link to MY ACCOUNT will appear in the Top Menu, upper left, once you log in. The link to MY ACCOUNT does not show unless you are logged in. To log in or to register a new account, click the LOGIN link.


  • How do I download my eBook purchase?

Please read the "How to Download" instructions.


  • What happens when I preorder a book?

Pre-orders are paid for up-front at the time of order. When you pre-order a physical product, we process the order and it will ship on or around the "available" date listed on the physical product's product page. The book will automatically be shipped to the delivery address shown on your invoice.

When you pre-order an e-book, the DOWNLOAD button on your invoice won't download anything because the book isn't available yet. On the "available" date listed on the e-book's product page, you will be able to log in to your account, navigate to the invoice where you purchased the book, and the DOWNLOAD button will download the book file.


  • How do I transfer my files to my eReader?

Please read the "transfering files" instructions.


  • How do I Use a Coupon Code or Gift Certificate Code?

During Checkout, on step 2 of 3, you will see two sections. If you have a discount coupon, place your code in the "redemption code" box in the "Discount Coupon" section. If you have a gift certificate, place your gift code in the box in the "Gift Certificates" section. For more on gift certificates, refer to the gift certificates FAQs


  • Why do you accept only PayPal payments?

We've found that PayPal is universally easy for everyone. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may still check out using your credit card. We've included a graphic below, but please visit PayPal's website for more information regarding this option.


  • Why does my invoice show "Pelican Ventures LLC" instead of "Pelican Book Group?

Pelican Ventures, LLC is the legal company name of Pelican Book Group and its imprints.


  • Why are some eBooks available only in PDF?

Some of our titles that were published before EPUB became the industry-standard file type are available from our site only in PDF. PDFs are readable, however, from most eReading devices.


  • How do I know if I'm ordering a paperback or eBook?

Paperbacks are clearly marked with "Softcover" in their name. Downloadable products require you to choose a file type during the add-to-cart process.


  • Why don't you offer refunds on digital products?

With a tangible product, such as a softcover or hardcover, if the customer returns the product, the customer no longer has the product. It is a true return. By their very nature, once a downloadable product (eBook) is received by the customer, it is received. There is no way for us to retrieve the file in such a manner that the customer no longer has it; therefore, there is no way to actually "return" a downloadable. If there is no tangible return, there can be no refund.

If there is an issue with a corrupt file, we will gladly send a new file, but there are no refunds, exchanges (for a different product), or returns allowed on downloadables.


  • What are the advantages of eReading?

eBooks are virtually limitless. EBooks are not limited by shelf-space. EBooks do not "wear out." They are more portable than softcover and hardcover volumes, and eBooks are environmentally friendly.


  • I purchased an eBook Collection subscription, what happens next?

Once your eBook subscription account is set up, you will receive an email with login information and a link to your Subscription portal. Once, logged in, you will be able to access any collection you have purchased. If you need a quick start guide to show you how to access books in your account, please use access the Quick Start PDF.


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