• Snowflake Kisses: A Christmas Romance
    By: Marianne Evans


    Marianne has brought forth to us continuing characters from which we fell in love with from London in Book 1 (Finding Home) of this Christmas romance, Peter, Alexa and Vanessa. Snowflake Kisses brings us Vanessa's story of falling in love. Jackson, oh sweet Jackson! He's a new character, and wow, how you swept Vanessa off her feet from the start! And how her perseverance taught you so much and brought you to life and changed you to shine for Him. And she reminded me so much more about perseverance. How to stay strong and face the past, delicately, yet steadfast and look towards the future. A truly strong message of hope, life and love! To persevere and know that with God, all things are possible. Can Jackson and Vanessa find love amidst his heart being so closed off and mindset to keep it that way? Can Vanessa keep strong in her faith and help guide his heart to new becomings? Jackson and Vanessa surely keep you on the edge of emotion and at times you will want to reach in straighten them out but this is a must read this season, a season of love, life and happiness amidst all craziness in the world. Thank you Marianne for, yet again, another amazing Christmas season read!!!

    Sharon Dean


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