Helsinki Sunrise

Helsinki Sunrise

A fun and romantic trip to Helsinki without leaving home

Johnnie Alexander Donley

To get away from her possessive boss-slash-boyfriend, Eveliina Mikkola seeks refuge in her grandparents’ island cottage. But it turns out Adam Carter, a devout missionary and a friend of Eveliina’s brother, is already staying at the secluded cabin so he can fast and pray for the lost in Finland.

Romantic sparks fly, and so do the summer blueberries, when Eveliina tries to tempt Adam into breaking his fast so he’ll leave. Adam not only resists her charms, he resolves to pray and fast for her. But will he be able to stay true to his calling when his heart yearns for the beautiful temptress?

In her debut novel, author Marion Ueckermann takes her readers on a delightful summer vacation to Helsinki where Eveliina and Adam relax in the cottage’s sauna then jump into the icy waters of the lake. Reading about their island seclusion had me daydreaming about a Scandinavian trip of my own.

Ms. Ueckermann writes a fun and buoyant story with an unexpected twist or two along the way. Her descriptions of the Finnish landscape are lovely, and she reveals Eveliina and Adam’s growing romance with skill and finesse. I hope to visit more foreign places through her stories and highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a little romance with her daydreams of traveling abroad.

PBG Marketing Dept, 08/30/2014
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