You Can't Hide

You Can\'t Hide (Tuesday, 23 July 2013)
Rating: 5

My summary~
After a ruthless drug smuggler inflicts horrendous damage to Undercover DEA Agent Gage McKenna's leg, Gage retreats to a remote
barrier reef island off the North Carolina coast to heal and lick his wounds. Weary of her boring life, Librarian Cara Dalton does something unusual
and spontaneously follows her brother, Jonas, to Columbia. Seeking an adventure, she stumbles onto a chance encounter with Mercado, a drug dealer. The
last thing she expects is to be hauled off to a remote coast guard station to be held under lock and key by Jonas's surly friend, Gage.

What I liked...
Most of the setting took place on a former coast guard station on the island. The author really made the setting come alive for
me. I could almost feel the salt air kissing my cheeks and the sand tickling my bare feet.

The characters were so life-like and relatable.
Surly and grumpy at first because of the pain, Sage was also gentle and caring. Direct and straight-forward, Cara says it like she sees it, and
because of that, I found their dialog refreshing.

After his career-altering injury, Gage's faith flounders. Where was God when Mercado
bashed Gage's leg? Cara doesn't put up with his self-pity. Her sweet comments and gentle touches remind Gage he's still a man, regardless of his
injury, and that God never left him.

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