• Finding Home: A Christmas Romance
    By: Marianne Evans

    Oh Marianne, you bring us a very whimsical yet intriguing Christmas romantic story in this book. Alexa and Peter sure kept me on the edge of my seat, talking aloud to them and rooting them on and even getting upset with them when they didn't follow their hearts. True love is out there for each of us and following God's plan, our hearts will soar. That's where you took us with Alexa and Peter. And in the heart of London, what a romantic city! Oh how I want to visit someday and experience the love of this city, it's offerings and the people. The picturesque view you set with Alexa and Peter's story, so heartwarming yet so emotionally complicated. Will they follow their hearts and leave past complications in the past and find love in each other for a happy ending for their own future? Readers, not only will you fall in love with these two, but you will take their story and find warmth, joy and peace in a romantic setting like no other. It's whimsical, it's intriguing, it's heartfelt, it's magic. Full of emotion, tears and laughter, filled with an abundance of love! Thank you Marianne for this very heartwarming Christmas story!

    Sharon Dean


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