• (Saturday, 10 March 2012)
    Rating: 5

    WOW!!! Marianne Evans has crafted an outstanding, beautifully written and compelling tale of love, loss and second chances. Devotion opens a window to
    see what can happen when you become complacent in your marriage. It shows the effects of not listening to God's still small voice. It spells out
    clearly that sin does not just effect the one committing it. One verse that kept coming to mind while I was reading was Proverbs 23:7 'whatsoever a
    man thinks in his heart, so he is'. Don't entertain inappropriate thoughts! That's why the Bible is clear about guarding our hearts because out of it
    flows the issues of life. I absolutely LOVED this story for what it represented. It's a warning to those dancing too close to the flames of sinful
    thoughts and where it can lead but it's also a hope for those who have gotten burned by those flames. Betrayal is not an easy fix and I think the
    struggles we see Kellen and Juliet go through were accurately represented. Devotion is more than just a story, it's life-changing fiction and one I
    would HIGHLY RECOMMEND! It's just what today's world needs to hear. Fantastic job Marianne! - SHERRY KUHN - Love2Read Novels Reviews

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