Cassie's Wedding Dress

Cassie\'s Wedding Dress

Michael Duncan (Friday, 21 October 2011)
Rating: 5

Cassie’s Wedding Dress is a warm-hearted, enjoyable ride. It is the story of two people, Cassie Hinton and Jack Chambers who, though life-long
friends, took diametrically different paths. At the peak of her career as a jockey, tragedy strikes and Cassie is forced to confront the failing
strength of her own faith.rnrnCassie and Jack find themselves back in each others lives, all the while fighting the reality that love, which had
sparked years before, still held its flame. Through faith, friendship, internal fears and external foes, both Cassie and Jack find that life can
begin again and that dreams can come true.rnrnTo come into the richness and realness of the characters, especially Jack’s daughter, Lara, was a
delightful experience. Even the ancillary characters were wonderfully alive and added to the story with grace and charm. And, just when you thought
that Cassie and Jack had finally settled into the truth of their love, turmoil erupts. I found myself wanting to dive into the story and help!
rnrnCassie’s Wedding Dress is a fabulous and touching story. You will fall in love with the characters and find yourself warmly received into their
world. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will look forward to more from Clare Revell.

PBG Marketing Dept, 07/30/2013
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