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    As the only survivor of a brutal serial killer, automotive mechanic Holly Carmichael has fears. Big fears—and with good reason. She doesn't trust
    men, and certainly not Kyle Stevens who, like the man who nearly took her life, is left-handed. To make it worse, Kyle reeks of the same cologne the
    killer wore. After being thrown together at a mutual friend's wedding, Kyle and Holly seem unable to avoid one another, or to waylay the ridiculous
    attraction they feel.rnrnKyle doesn't want a relationship any more than Holly does—and especially not with the one woman who escaped the brutal
    murderer who ripped the woman he loved from his life. It's just too much.rnrnDespite the reasons it shouldn't happen, Kyle and Holly find themselves
    drawn to each other almost irresistibly. But then the Headley Cross killer returns to finish what he started. Good job it's the season for miracles,
    because Kyle and Holly are going to need one…and right away!rnrnSeason for Miracles is gripping suspense in a small package. At the same time, it's
    a heartwarming romance, and deals with issues of psychological healing that not every author can handle in a believable manner. Clare Revell does. A
    tightly packed, short and easy read, perfect for the Christmas season of miracles!

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