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About Us

Our primary ministry is to publish quality fiction that reflects the salvation and love offered by Jesus Christ. Our titles adhere to mainline Christianity, but are enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians, alike.

Our Staff

  • Nicola Martinez, Editor-in-Chief
  • Lisa Dawn, Marketing Director
  • Suzy Parish, Promotions Associate
  • Mary Dunne, Office Assistant
  • M. Jamie West, Executive Editor
  • Lisa McCaskill, Executive Editor
  • Susan Baganz, Senior Editor
  • Fay Lamb, Senior Editor
  • Paula Mowery, Editor

A Brief Historical Timeline

  • October 2011: Harbourlight Books imprint releases its debut titles. Pelican Ventures Book Group is represented at the Frankfurt Book Fair for the first time.
  • September 2011: White Rose Publishing undergoes a complete website overhaul to accomodate shared shopping between White Rose and Harbourlight, and to integrate Influencer networking site, Book Buzzin'.
  • August 2010: Nicola Martinez, Editor-in-chief, announces the organization of Harbourlight Books, a sister to White Rose Publishing that will publish Christian fiction in non-romance genres.
  • May 2010: The White Rose Publishing undergoes a complete website overhaul, bringing new features to customers such as the affiliate program and digital book club. Navigation is streamlined and products are made easier to find. The following statement is made regarding the re-launch:

Dear White Rose Publishing patrons,

I am excited to launch this new website on Pentecost. Traditionally, Pentecost is widely known as the birthday of the Christian church the day the Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles, the promised Advocate Who would guide the church to all truth. What perfect timing is it that our new website now shares that birthday? Our Saviour has ascended, but we are not alone. The Holy Spirit continues to breathe life into all those who choose to believe just as I have faith He breathes life into every title White Rose publishes. It is our mission not solely to entertain, but also to bring the Gospel of hope and love to those who read our stories. Jesus Christ is Risen! By His stripes we are healed, by His death and resurrection we are redeemed. Alleuia! This is His message...this is our message.


Nicola Martinez, Editor-in-Chief


  • October 2009: Word count minimums and maximums are altered to be 10,000 and 80,000 respectively.
  • September 2009: (Excerpted from an announcement sent to White Rose Authors)...in March we split the White Rose line off from TWRP and created its own company called White Rose Publishing.  We did this for a variety of reasons, but when it boiled right down to it we realized that in order for the White Rose line to flourish it needed to be able to spread out and grow on its own... . Sort of moving it or transplanting it if you would in order to give it specialized attention.

    Since March, we’ve worked hard at working on this division and at the end of this month the final piece will be finished that allows White Rose Publishing to be completely separate from TWRP.

    During this time, we entered into a discussion about what was the best direction for White Rose to go in and one option that came up time and time again was that RJ and I needed someone to run White Rose Publishing who truly thrived on the inspirational market.  We needed someone who knew what to do to market this niche and to take the company to another level.  Fortunately, we already had someone in house who could do all that and we approached (Nicola) Martinez with a proposal that she fortunately agreed to. Effective October 1, (Nicola) will be not only be the new Editor-in-Chief for White Rose Publishing but she will also be the new owner.  As most of  you know, (Nicola) has been a key player in making White Rose what it is today.  She was one of the three original Senior editors on the line and then as the other two Senior editors moved aside she ran the White Rose line on her own.  As we discussed the possibility of spinning White Rose off; it was an easy choice as to who we invite...

    We are very excited about this as it means that White Rose can truly grow in a way that can only benefit the authors.  We love that (Nicola) is excited about this and that she and her White Rose editors will be able to do all the things they’ve wanted to do without restrictions.

    Thank you and please join me in congratulating everyone on the White Rose team for a wonderful job and for a very successful future!

    Rhonda Penders

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