Meow Matrimony


(image for) 5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars Ever try to do a good deed, and it backfires on you? That is what happens when Amanda Preston returns a package mistakenly sent to her to the rightful owner. Instead of getting thanks, Amanda finds a dead body, and becomes a murder suspect.

All Amanda wants to do is concentrate on her up-coming wedding, but she is pulled into investigating who really did it partially to prove her innocence. There are plenty of twists and turns to the story, and the cats in Amanda’s life even play a part in the yarn. Besides who the guilty party is, the next biggest question is whether or not Amanda’s marriage will take place. Will she be put in jail, or will her fiancé be so upset about everything that he calls off the nuptials?

This is a clean, cozy story told from a Christian point of view. The story is peppered with quirky characters, including her unusual aunt, a friend named Elvis, and her old boyfriend. You will enjoy trying to puzzle out the guilty party among the suspects. This light tale is part of the Fancy Cat Cozy Mysteries series, and definitely ends with the promise of another installment. Like Amanda, I would like the answer to the question about her sock drawer! I recommend this 5-star story to armchair detectives everywhere.

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