A Foundation Of Fear

A Foundation Of Fear

As a successful diet program collapses from the use of a dangerous food ingredient, FBI agents try to uncover if this problem was known ahead of time. The story includes a variety of people, some who truly are innocent while others are killers, schemers and those willing to make money no matter what. FBI agent, Devyn Nash, tries to sort through them all, while keeping herself alive along with those of her partner and best friend. Lots of action, settings, and story-lines blend together to bring this tale to an exciting conclusion.

This is the third book in the series, Risky Research. Because of that, the reader will face a large cast of characters, situations and continued story threads from earlier installments. Despite that, it is a good story, and you will wonder who is going to win the struggle in the end. A Foundation of Fear is a clean tale with a sprinkling of romance that can be enjoyed by all, although there is beer and alcohol use by the good and bad guys. This 5-star book will be appreciated by those who like suspense, fast-moving action, thrills or well-written fiction.

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PBG M., 11/28/2019
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