The Waiting

The Waiting

Yes, I needed tissues at the end, which is saying a lot since at the beginning I really didn’t think I was going to like these people. They were too…realistic. I like my take-me-away fiction to take me away from all that. But I was compelled to follow these two oddball people in The Waiting, which is not Amish fiction, by the way; just really sweet and wholesome even with some pretty significant tension. Hence the reality part; hence the tension.

I am accused of not letting my characters out of the bag of life when I choose to let them exercise self-control and not use sex for recreational purposes. I think it’s awkward to forcedfeed vicarious lifestyle choices on others without opportunity to make choices and changes. James’s characters, Katherine and Sam, are certainly flawed, but modernly appropriate. Katherine is so wound-up following rules she made for herself, in being so regulated that she forgets to stop and enjoy life. Sam, the professional athlete with a self-realized dream life, wakes up alone one day and realizes his life is one meaningless mess, lived for all the wrong reasons. When these two hook up, you want to cheer for them. They have issues to deal with, of course. And they frustrated me, but in a good way. This is a romance, so of course it has a given outcome, but this is one journey readers of romance will enjoy.

Told in multiple perspectives, this lovingly created romance hits all the right highs and lows.

Lisa L - PBG Booklover

PBG M., 06/21/2019
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