Bella Natale!

Bella Natale!

Breathtaking, So Eloquently Written

Florence, Italy...A city I've always wanted to visit. One day, hopefully, but for now, I feel as I've just left there. Marianne has graced us with Luca and Ashley's story taken place here. Wow, breathtaking views, romance beyond a fairytale, God's unconditional love, their story, so eloquently written.

An artist from the states, looking to find herself, her place to pursue her passion, Ashley lands in the hands of the renowned owner of Florence's most prestigious art gallery, Luca. A creationist who loves art and admires the beauty artists set, Luca, a widow, sets his heart and mind to help Ashley find her place, to help her know the talent God has given her is extraordinary.

Flowing through the picturesque views of Italy, facing challenges of doubt, Ashley finds her heart struggling to know where God's plan for her is leading. Knowing a secure future awaits her in the states, can Luca show Ashley's heart how to love and find compassion in her dreams, in Gods plans for her?

Stroll with Ashley and Luca through the streets of Florence, Italy and breathe the air that will take your breath away. Their story will etch a painting of this beautiful city in your heart as it did mine. Find yourself being swept away to a city full of love and beauty. Ashley and Luca, can true love create a piece of art that is worth more than any fairytale ending? Happy Reading!

Sharon Dean

PBG Marketing Dept, 01/07/2017
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