Chase Bradington, a well-known country music singer, had a very public fall from grace – his alcohol addiction was well-publicized. The book begins with him leaving rehab, focusing on a new start, trying to earn forgiveness. Chase is unwavering in his determination not to relapse. As he moves into his new life, can Chase forgive himself for Shay’s death? Will he truly accept forgiveness from God? Can he help others forgive?

Pyper Brock is a rising star on the country gospel music horizon. The Christian principles of her family are well-known, but Pyper’s rocky start in life is not. She has always ignored her past hurts, never dealing with her wounds. When her past is maliciously revealed, will she truly heal this time? Can she forgive the one who hurt her so badly?

Likes: Readers are given a look at alcohol addiction and Chase’s struggles in the face of temptation, his self-awareness of what areas are his weaknesses, his need for support and accountability, his determination to overcome, and his need for forgiveness both given and received. Readers are also treated to a behind-the-scenes look at life in the music industry. As Chase and Pyper moved forward in their relationship, they were open and honest with each other, not concealing their real selves or portraying themselves as someone they were not. The story had Christian values and morals.

Dislikes: Toward the end of the book, I felt it became repetitive, although people often process things by rehashing them. Also, occasionally a word or comma was missing that caused a minor hiccup in the flow.

This was a powerful book conveying important, life-changing messages. The message of forgiveness, the struggle to forgive horrible hurts, the restoration of relationships, the healing of minds, the coming of peace and joy. I would highly recommend this book, but for late teens and older readers. In my opinion, the themes can be applicable to any addiction, not just alcohol, and to any industry, not just music, so don’t let those aspects keep you from reading this book. This book is intense, gripping. I was hooked from the beginning.

I received a copy of this book through Pelican Book Group in exchange for my honest review.
Cindy Jean

PBG Marketing Dept, 01/07/2017
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