Buy A Cowboy

Buy A Cowboy

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Why would an attractive single mom be willing to marry a complete stranger, and sign over half of a Wyoming ranch to him? Bonnie Gibbs can answer that question.

She has just lost both her parents, and grandparents, in a tragic accident. They were Bonnie’s strength and prayer support. Without them, she doesn’t know how she will be able to stand against the constant berating and conniving that comes from her ex-husband, Ed. Currently, he is trying to profit from the loss of her family. In the years since their divorce, Ed has delighted in taking her to court out of pure hatefulness.

Now, he is threatening to do that again, hoping to get some of Bonnie’s recent inheritance.Cowboy on Horse Fancy Blanket Free Use - Copy Her lawyer has told her the only way to really put an end to Ed’s haranguing, is to re-marry, prove she has a stable home life for the children, and move far away from her Florida home. Her boss, Dick, has been telling her for years that she needs a real cowboy. A man like that will be true to her, kind, and honorable, or so he says.

Feeling at her breaking point, she tells Dick to get her a cowboy. One who will marry her, be a father to her three children, and help run her grandparent’s ranch. What she offers in exchange, or to buy him with, is half the ownership of the ranch.

Can two strangers make a life together?

Baya McKnight, loves the bachelor life, and has been a well-known rodeo rider for years. But a recent accident with a bull left him with multiple fractures, and ended his career. Still in casts and barely able to move, Dick has come to him with this strange proposition.

Horse in Mountain Meadow Free UseBonnie wonders if she has lost her mind to be thinking of marrying a stranger, and putting the lives of her children, and herself in his hands. Plus, she he doesn’t know anything about ranching, or if she could make a go of it money-wise. Ultimately, she decides only God can help her make the right decisions.

This story has a really interesting premise, and kept me wanting to read the next page to see what would happen. Just like in life, many of the characters were either really likable, or really dislikable. The author did a good job making them seem like real people. This tale gets into the reality of what it would take to make a ranch profitable, especially if the ones doing the work were just two adults, and three small children. It also explores how awkward it would be to start a relationship after the marriage vows are said. Some of the joys and difficulties for both a step-parent, and the children, were shown, as well.

I liked this story, and was really hoping for a good outcome for the characters. It is especially gratifying to read something that is free from inappropriate language and situations. Even better, Bonnie has a strong Christian faith, and thoroughly believes the Lord will help her in all situations. The words in this book will paint a vivid picture of a pretty, Wyoming ranch in your mind’s eye, and you might find yourself wishing to go there, too. I recommend this 5-star book to anyone who likes romances, cowboys or Christian fiction.
Becky Isaac
PBG Booklover

PBG Marketing Dept, 01/10/2016
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