Voice of Truth

Voice of Truth

Unusual romance is the Voice of Truth by Dana Pratola. It is a very good read and I enjoyed it very much.

Sophia sang and the notes rang out. Everyone put hands to their ears it was so bad. While driving home one afternoon, she turned on the radio. She opened her mouth to sing along and she immediately sang and her voice actually sounding good. What in the world? She must be mistaken because she knew she could not sing so she tried again. What happened and was she able to continue or was it a freak thing that occurred? She would call her brother and tell him about it.

This is an unusual book of a sudden talent and stardom. Something happened in her past that created a change in her. She would never be the same.

Her publicist, Kitty, introduced her to Cade Fioretti, a writer who wanted to write a book about her.

Will she allow him to do it? What will he find out about her if she consents to this book?

There are some twists and turns throughout the novel. All the characters are well-developed. If you enjoy romance, motorcycles, and other surprising events, buy this book. It is a fun-filled romantic novel. I enjoyed it and this is a new author for me.

I was asked to review this for my honest opinion by Pelican Book. Will look forward to additional books by the author who was new to me.

Barbara (GA)

PBG Marketing Dept, 06/01/2015
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