Paisley's Pattern

Paisley\'s Pattern

God has a sense of humor. He would have to. How else could you explain it? Paisley Robbins lives in the same town as Robin Paisley. Paisley moved around a lot with her mother. She figured that was just the way things are. Robin has no idea how he got his name. He is angry about his past, always struggling that he never knew who his father was. Paisley gets Robin's mail. They fall in love. But then, their past, their fears, and their doubts tear them apart.

Robin Paisley has stopped talking to his mother. She would never talk about his father. He has so much bitterness about his past God can't move in his future. He has lost the one woman he loved. Paisley is his exact opposite and she couldn't live with his seriousness, bitterness, and the chip on his shoulder. Can Robin turn all his bitterness over to God?

Paisley gets a job tagging items for a sale in a house for her aunt. She is used to picking up and moving every 6 months growing up with her mother. But now, what would it be like to set down roots and live somewhere permanently? If Robin could come to terms with his past and let God fill his heart with joy, could she marry him?

_i_Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest._/i_ This is a wonderful story of two characters figuring out who they are. Paisley and Robbin need to let God's Word speak to their heart, to let His love shine through them. Paisley discovers long buried secrets in the house. Will it bring Paisley and Robin closer together or tear them further apart?

I loved the characters; the real life situations, their struggles, pulled me into their story. Another great book by LoRee Peery!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Sally Shupe, 05/08/2015
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