Maeve's Symphony

Maeve\'s Symphony

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast 5 spirit within me. ~ Psalm 51:10

Maeve Callahan and Josh Andrews were young lovers in high school, he was different from the rest. He truly loved and cared for Maeve and showed it in many little, opening entry and car doors and big ways.

"...he made it plain how special she was to him—not just in words, but in actions. This past fall, Josh had been elected homecoming king, but he skipped the dance along with all the pomp and pageantry that surrounded the honor when Maeve came down with a raging bout of bronchitis. Rather than enjoy the event stag, or with a group of friends, he kept her company by watching movies with her, laughing over school gossip, plying her with steaming green tea and chicken noodle soup. " pg 3

And then one night with emotions running high over major changes to come, she gave into temptation.

"As they surrendered to a moment that nothing could hold back, Maeve tamped down God’s guidance and truth with all the certainty in her heart. Uncorrected Proof. May contain errors and omissions.Not for resale or distribution.Maeve’s Symphony After all, nothing could be more pure and more real than the love she felt for Josh. God understood that, right?" pg. 10, 11

A love that was so pure, so special stepped over the line and now Maeve is intent on punishing herself for this. She is so sure that Aileen, Siobhan, and Kassiday have found their true loves because they remained pure and faithful to God, and that any bad that comes her way she deserves. As she watches the love between her friends and their husband or fiancees' she desires that love for herself but is sure that she can never have it because of her past.

God reunites Maeve and Josh for a benefit concert for his charity Goal to Go.

This is the story of friendship, love, acceptance, forgiveness and grace. You will need to read the story, you will want to read the story after reading the first three. Each story has a lesson to teach but this one on God's grace is so touching it will bring you to tears. We have all struggled with times when we feel we have overstepped the line but that's when God's grace does His best work. Read this book today and be encouraged.

"He stared at her, eyes sharp and narrow. “So, you don’t believe in forgiveness and a clean slate? A second opportunity? Well, I’m glad that’s out in the open. I see now that you view God’s story of redemption for humankind going something like this: I love and hold precious every piece of My creation, except Maeve Callahan. Her sins alone are unworthy of My mercy and forgiveness.” pg 128

I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

shan Hogan, 08/23/2014
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