Aileen's Song

Aileen\'s Song

I must say Marianne Evans has done it once again....Aileen's Song was a page turner from the beginning to the end. Four friends from childhood and a longtime crush on one friend's brother takes you on a journey of true friendships, an unexpected life changing career opportunity, and of course, love. Aileen Brewer, along with her three closest friends embark on a journey of music and dance, sharing the faith with others. But, Aileen has doubts the she is good enough to follow this dream and lacks the confidence because of a 'flaw' she believes she has with her looks. Enter, Liam, longtime friend and the guy Aileen has feelings for. He assures her that she is worthy of everything and so much more and that she is beautiful inside and out. Aileen's Song, is a beautifully written Christian romance story. The first book in the Sisters In Spirit series, I highly recommend Aileen's Song.

Ann Berg, 08/07/2014
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