Sunday's Child

Sunday\'s Child

A Page Turner! - Clare Revell in Sunday's Child has crafted a story that drew me into the lives of her characters from the first page. Hattie Steele and Callum Trant meet at Rainbow Lodge, a guest house, when he takes a holiday. They enjoy each other's company for two weeks. Thinking they will never see each other again, they go their separate ways. After a falling out with her brother, Hattie takes a long awaited vacation where, by accident, she meets up with Callum again. The pages raced by as I followed them through the ups and downs of their relationship and rooted for them to make a lasting connection. Coupled with the unrelenting excitement of the rescues performed by the lifeboat search and rescue service, Sunday's Child is a great read.

-Margaree King Mitchell

Margaree King, 04/30/2014
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