Monday's Child

Monday\'s Child (Saturday, 22 September 2012)
Rating: 5

What an innovative series premise: Seven books, each featuring a different day of the week, based on the reconfiguration of a time-honored nursery
rhyme. The suspense hits full throttle, from page one, and doesn't let up until the end - except for those playful barbs and the sparky electricity
between the hero, Luke Nemec and the heroine, Sara Barnes. When it comes to suspense, Revell writes with a keen, magnetic edge. When it comes to
relationship development (equally important!) she shows a deft hand at writing playful dialogue and beautifully balances the plot line with the
emotional progression of the story. I can't wait for Tuesday's Child - and am sure it will be amazing!

PBG Marketing Dept, 07/30/2013
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