Sage and Sweetgrass

Sage and Sweetgrass (Friday, 24 February 2012)
Rating: 5

Just imagine, nothing to lose, living life to its fullest while clinging to God's love. Isn't this what we're all supposed to do? This is what Lanae
vows to do. And in freeing herself to live, she frees herself to love - and to teach others to love as fully as she does.rnrnI loved the mystery
surrounding the antique desk and the way it tied in with Sage's family, the happenstance of it all - just the way God works in all our lives. I loved
the fact that Lanae stepped out and took the chance on looking for love in such an impulsive way. And I especially loved the way she was willing to
accept God's will for her life in everything from her disease to how she would spend the remainder of her life.rnrnGod bless you, Miss Peery for
sharing this wonderful journey of finding love while clinging to the greatest love of all.

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