Claiming Canaan: Milcah's Journey: Softcover

Claiming Canaan: Milcah\'s Journey: Softcover

Book 3 Of the Daughters of Zelophehad “Claiming Canaan: Milcah’s Journey”
Milcah’s Journey is the third and last book of the Daughters of Zelophehad. I am sad to see them go. The stories have been touching in many ways. In this final book, we learn the faithful receive more then they could possibly have dreamed.
Milcah has lost much but she remains a strong follower of the One True GOD. Will, He bless her with a husband, or will she face loss once again in this new land? Will she get to keep her inheritance?
Eli has a bad reputation even though he is a mighty warrior for the LORD. What does this new land hold for him? The third son of Abishua, what will he receive?
Miss Britton skillfully takes these two on a journey of second chances, challenges you wouldn’t expect and rewards surprise rewards for their faithfulness. These characters will worm their way into your heart as you pray the best for them.
Don’t miss this 5-star conclusion to the Daughters of Zelophehad.

Renette S., 04/20/2020
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars