Claiming Canaan: Milcah's Journey

Claiming Canaan: Milcah\'s Journey

My favorite Barbara Britton book so far!
Claiming Canaan: Milcah’s Journey By Barbara M. Britton is the third book in The Daughters of Zelophehad series. For me, Barbara Britton saved the best story for last. Milcah is the only daughter to not have a marriage or engagement of marriage. Her previous suitors met an untimely death. Micah must endure the rumors that she may be a curse. She prays for God to provide a husband and he does, but not in the way she anticipated. The story unfolds taking many twists and turns. We get a glimpse of what it might have been like to be in the promised land! We are reminded that these sisters were orphaned and formed a bond that cannot be broken. The beautiful love story that unfolds allows us to witness the kind of transformation only God can bring. Milcah’s story is intriguing. Walking in faith is not simple. There are struggles and set backs after receiving land promised by God. Micah must have faith living as if she believes the promises of God to be true even when everything seems to be falling apart. Slowly we see God bringing growth to Milcah and her suitor as they diligently serve Him. The daughters of Zelophehad remind us that the ultimate love story is about the one true God loving His people so much that He intervenes personally and keeps His promises.

Mary L., 06/13/2020
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars