Lucy in Love?

Lucy in Love?

The most popular girl in high school and the most picked-on boy have grown up. Lucy and Henry have lost touch with each other to the point of discovering they’re sharing a business wall in their small hometown and don’t even realize it for three months.

Lucy hid behind her popularity until it all comes tumbling down with a broken engagement. She’s sworn off potential future broken hearts, runs a successful bakery, and is about to help her favorite high school teacher with a benefit. Meanwhile, Henry came out from under the weight of his fatherless life and made some significant changes in his lifestyle. He can’t get over the love he’s dreamed of since their teenaged years and allows his new-found popularity as the guitarist for a rising band sway many of his decisions. When he literally falls at Lucy’s feet, they make tentative plans to resume a relationship.

Two lost souls who are very unsure of themselves and fearful of not matching each other’s goals must overcome bitterness, innuendo, rivals, and bone-jarring clumsiness if they want to be more than neighboring business owners.

Told from opposing viewpoints, this funny and poignant romantic novella will give readers of inspirational short bites of love much to enjoy.

Lisa L., 03/07/2020
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars