Call to Love

Call to Love

Mary Felkins’ debut fiction is a romance filled with twists and turns. The story opens on a surprise and just keeps going through a maze of traps and walls blocking the path to the peaceful and joyous respite at the center.

When a career medical woman is willing to leave her childhood home, her family, friends, and boyfriend since high school for a risky new position, you have to guess she’s running from something. Tracy is not only fed up with being passed by for a promotion at the hospital, she has a secret that she refuses to let interrupt her plans to stay independent. She’s never needed anyone or anything, to the point that she’s not interested in sharing her life or her house or her heart.

Career cop Texan Tom Delaney moved his teenaged son out of San Antonio for a new job in North Carolina. He’s out to prove himself the best of the best, even if it means butting heads with a fellow officer who already claimed the spot. But Tom has to wrestle with more than his self-determination when he crosses paths with a woman who refuses his help in his official capacity as a policeman. When her brother sets them up in the role of handyman and homeowner who needs repair work, sparks begin to fly. Even Tom’s son Stephen feels it and does all he can to help his dad find a new wife.

Both Tom and Tracy have issues of faith and ego to deal with during their lengthy, tantalizing warm and cool relationship. Tom has to decide how much he wants to help Tracy leave, and Tracy must come to terms with her pride when life throws her another curve.

Call to Love is a faith-filled tale on the old-fashioned side where adults are still referred to by Mr and Miss, and morality is taken seriously in spite of the mistakes we make. Second chances and forgiveness are at the heart of this love story.

Told through Tracy and Tom’s interweaving viewpoints, readers of chaste inspirational romance will enjoy following this contemporary love story between two hard-headed lovebirds. It’s a romance filled with a lot of internal quick choppy insider comments that may take a bit of time to adjust to reading. A favorite quote comes near the end: “Living alone on Tracy’s island…had lost its appeal. Courage to risk her heart in love breached her lead apron.”
Reviewed by Lisa Likel

PBG M., 02/20/2020
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars