Lioness: Mahlah's Journey

Lioness: Mahlah\'s Journey

"Britton has taken a little-known and often overlooked story from scripture and created a moving tale of inspiring faith.

Everything in this book was good. From vivid pagan worship to details of Israelite nomadic life to disturbing pictures of the reality of sin, this story made life-before-the-promised-land come to life in ways I've never experienced. Being a pastor of a local church, I was deeply affected by the depiction of Mahlah's faith and how it literally changed her destiny. I can only hope the young daughter's I'm currently raising can have a faith that moves mountains just like Zelophehad's daughters.

Britton writes seamless prose with a knack for including metaphors appropriate to the time. Her attention to vivid detail and strong story structure make this an effortless read, one that is sure to inspire you to deeper faith in the God who cares for the orphan in distress. I highly recommend this book of biblical fiction and look forward to getting into the next book in the series.”

-Corey Stumne, Pastor, Jacksonville, FL, Author of “The Man Called Messiah” (release date fall 2021)

PBG M., 04/18/2021
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