Lioness: Mahlah's Journey

Lioness: Mahlah\'s Journey

"Britton has an impressive ability to weave Biblical references, like worshipping pagan idols, into a story that feels nearly contemporary in its urgency and relevance. Those who are entrenched in Biblical reading will find plenty of familiar details, but even without that Mahlah and Britton’s other characters soar. The plot and setting are structured seamlessly and with such sensory and descriptive world-building that the characters move through challenges, develop relationships, and confront complex obstacles as if their lives are unfolding in a movie. Britton’s dialogue and narrative language keep readers rooted in this vivid time and place while unveiling the timelessness of romance, temptations, politics, financial stress, and family love"

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Sandy B - PBG Booklover

PBG M., 10/19/2019
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