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Glasgow Grace

  • Author: Marion Ueckermann
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    Opera singer, Skye Hunter, returns to the land of her birth as leading lady in Phantom of the Opera. This is her first trip back to bonnie Scotland since her mother whisked her away to Australia after Skye’s father died sixteen years ago. When Skye decides to have dinner at...

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    Opera singer, Skye Hunter, returns to the land of her birth as leading lady in Phantom of the Opera. This is her first trip back to bonnie Scotland since her mother whisked her away to Australia after Skye’s father died sixteen years ago.

    When Skye decides to have dinner at McGuire’s, she’s not going there only for Mary McGuire’s shepherd’s pie. Her first and only love, Callum McGuire, still plays his guitar and sings at the family-owned tavern. 

    Callum has never stopped loving Skye. Desperate to know if she’s changed under her mother’s influence, he keeps his real profession hidden. Would she want him if he was still a singer in a pub? But when Skye’s worst nightmare comes true, Callum reveals his secret to save the woman he loves. 

    Can Skye and Callum rekindle what they lost, or will her mother threaten their future together once again?



    Awards & Other Kudos


    Glasgow Grace is an engaging tale of youthful love that transcends time and distance. As usual, Marion Ueckermann does a wonderful job at sweeping you into the setting, bringing Scotland to life.

    ~ Angela K Couch, Award-winning Historical Romance Author


    Swoon-worthy romance set against the backdrop of breathtaking Scotland, combined with a powerful reminder of God's relentless grace makes this an inspiring, satisfying read.

    ~ Heidi McCahan, Author of Unraveled 


    Callum and Skye drew me into their lives as they faced problems, old and new, trying to discover if love transcends distance and time. Glasgow Grace is a delightful excursion into the atmosphere and brogues of Scotland. Marion Ueckermann charmed me again with her characters, setting, and voice.

    ~ Judith Robl, Author of As Grandma Says


    Once again, Marion Ueckermann’s writing transported me to another place. A magical bittersweet story with a truly beautiful ending, reminding me that our Creator is always in control.

    ~ Sarah Rowling, Reader


    I fell in love with Callum and Skye right away. After reading Glasgow Grace, I wanted to pack my dancing shoes and head to Scotland for music and a shepherd's pie at McGuire's.

    ~ Janet Ferguson, Author, Faith, Humor, Romance—Southern Style


    Glasgow Grace is another must read from Marion Ueckermann! Skye and Callum are long time sweethearts separated by her mother after her father's death. Reunited when Skye comes to Glasgow to sing in Phantom, the romance is what sings. He will end up saving her life - literally as well as emotionally. A great read!

    ~ Diane Tatum, Author of Gold Earrings

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    I know when I start a story by this author that she is going to pull into the sights and sounds of the place where the story takes place, and this one was no exception. The story takes place in Glasgow, Scotland and I felt as if I were experiencing the city with the characters. This is a wonderful love story following Skye, an opera singer returning to her hometown to have the lead in The Phantom Opera, and Callum, her teenage sweetheart, now a successful physician who still sings in his family-owned tavern. It was a delight following their story as they re-kindled their relationship and found their happily ever after in spite of the obstacles thrown in their path. This is another one from this author that I thoroughly enjoyed and definitely recommend. - Ann Ellison

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    I was transported to Glasgow,Scotland as I read this book.I can imagine myself there.It took me awhile to understand the dialect but it greatly added to the story. This emotional story of Skye and Callum reunited after 16 years keep me reading from first word to last. They overcame many obstacles to their wedding but the day arrived The bound their love with a cord of three strands, a ribbon from each of their tartans and one strand from Skye's bouquet to represent God. A three stranded cord is not easily broken. I cried at the emotionally charged ending and I congratulate Marion Ueckermann on a wonderful novella. I was privileged to receive a copy of the novella and in exchange I gave my honest review. Linda R

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    Leaving aside my lack of appreciation for the dark and cold northern land, and Skye and Callum’s lack of ability to utilise modern technology to stalk reconnect with old friends … Yes, this was a great romance novella. I’m not always a fan of romance novellas where complete strangers meet and fall in love in a handful of pages. I prefer novellas like Glasgow Grace, where the characters have some kind of history to build on—it makes it seem more realistic to me. So I did enjoy that aspect of the story. I also loved both Callum and Skye. Skye was perhaps a little naïve and innocent, but that’s not a bad thing. Callum was everything a hero should be—I might not see the fascination with Scotsmen, but I can certainly see the fascination with men who can sing. And play guitar. Especially at the same time. Swoon. So the characters were great, the writing was good, and the plot was a perfect mix of predictable and unpredictable (hey, this is romance. There are certain things we expect as re

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