Society of the L.A.M.B.: softcover


Society of the L.A.M.B.: Love. Authority. Mercy. Boldness. In a raucous colony of those who celebrate dark desires, Josiah and other LAMBers who believe King Glory lives are hunted and imprisoned…or worse. But hope and truth endure in the midst of total danger. After fleeing the...

Society of the L.A.M.B.: Love. Authority. Mercy. Boldness.

In a raucous colony of those who celebrate dark desires, Josiah and other LAMBers who believe King Glory lives are hunted and imprisoned…or worse.

But hope and truth endure in the midst of total danger. After fleeing the colony, Josiah finds light and hope at his grandfather's house, where a secret gathering of LAMBers have escaped the watchers. After learning of the power of the shout within himself, Josiah is chosen to carry the truth to others. But how can he return to the colony without being captured and put to death?

The shout cannot be denied. Josiah knows his mission


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Josiah’s inner eyes peered beyond the fog of lies. How long it had been since he’d seen truth? He wished he could rub the darkness away. To his outer eyes, orange hues cradling the sunset faded into gray, and the gloom of night descended. Josiah stood amongst the drooping pines by the side of the rutted road. He rocked slightly back and forth, his stance unsteady due to thick, mucky gravel now plastered on his boots. It was the muck plastered over his mind that concerned him. Rustling pine needles made the only sound. A few sharp needles poked his arm, prodding him on. Josiah resisted the urge.

Even though heavy darkness pressed on him, Josiah felt he had light about him. But the glow, the peace, was inside. Awakened from a sleep of apathy, Josiah again knew truth within. Life surged in him. King Glory still lived. Perhaps the Society of the L.A.M.B. still existed.

The steel building where the colony meeting would soon begin stood a half mile away. Its corrugated metal walls would cause the raucous noises to echo into the woods, intimidating anyone or anything that would laud the inner man. Josiah pulled his shades over his eyes, making everything even darker. Just what they want. Glorifying the outer man is all that matters. Show no evidence of life within.

Well, too late for that. Josiah almost chuckled. Instead, he drew his hand through his thick, wavy hair, a continual habit whether he was nervous or merely thinking.

His Over Garments, called OGs, practically blared the bizarre. Bright and garish was the rule. Jackets and pants in tones and patterns that signaled life was celebrated with impropriety and disrespect were required of everyone. Soon his former friends would arrive and expect him to join them in the nightly meeting. But Josiah had changed. His inner man had reawakened. Would they be able to detect it?

His shades were also required to show denial of any inner life. Supposedly, they prevented anyone from detecting death in the eyes. However, the eyeglasses simply deceived them into thinking people were prevented from being restored to King Glory. What was it that his grandfather had told him? “If the eye is dark, how great is that darkness!”

Stirred from his reverie, Josiah heard footsteps. They were looking for him. He shouldn’t be obvious. That’s a laugh. Everything was obvious now, but everything was hidden at the same time. Stepping out, Josiah met the three swarthy young men sauntering his way.

Bart, the tallest, complimented, “Great OGs, Josiah. Isn’t it great to be free from inward viewing? Let’s go. The colony awaits.” Bart’s big arms almost scared Josiah, but there was a gentleness about him the others didn’t have. Bart tried to not show any softness by always being the first to spout the colony line. His face was round and his hair brown and shaggy. Bart walked with intensity, and most followed his commanding demeanor, but when there was no need to lead or command, Josiah detected a weariness in him. He guessed that much of Bart’s outward expression was a sham.

“Life is so great. Freedom is the best. No rules, because we rule.” Bart slapped Josiah on the back as they walked toward the meeting.

Josiah hated his OGs. Thankfully, though, the colony only saw the OGs and so considered him one of them. Still, how would he ever escape and be reunited with his true friends, and how would he find them? Can I ever be free? How will I know?

And then the answer came. The eyes. Josiah almost fell backward. He pretended he tripped on a root in the road. The others laughed. Another phrase from King Glory: “The eyes reveal the inward man.” Josiah understood. Those who still walked in the truth would show it in their eyes.

He turned and looked his companions in the eyes. Nothing. They didn’t even need shades. There was no life in them to hide. Ah, but the shades are thought to hide that fact.

They approached the gray metal building, which stood stiff as a sentinel. Josiah realized he must be careful. There would be L.A.M.B. detectors planted to observe his eyes and know the OGs weren’t true. This would be delicate. How could he detect without being detected?

They were only five minutes late, but already the loudness and hate were palpable. The meeting had begun. Voices spewed out.

“We don’t need antiquated rules. We don’t want to see anyone’s inner man. We don’t have to show allegiance to King Glory.” When the speaker said “King Glory,” he spat, and many shouted and jeered.

One person on the stage stood gazing about, probably an eye detector. Evidently, Josiah watched him too long, for suddenly the detector’s eyes fell on Josiah. Swiftly, Josiah looked down. Probably too late…probably found out already. Josiah’s pulse pounded.

But wait, what did I see? He saw light in those eyes, not darkness. He glanced back up.

The other man was still looking at him. He gave a slight nod and moved in Josiah’s direction.

Josiah considered running, but that would certainly give him away. He held his ground. The other man soon stood near him but did not look at him. Instead, he casually bent and drew three concentric circles in the dirt.

Josiah couldn’t believe it. This was the sign for the Society of the L.A.M.B. Josiah quickly drew a smiley face in the center circle, meaning “the inner man lives.” Almost as quickly, he scuffed it out. He hadn’t participated in this process in such a long time. Could it have been years since Grandfather taught him the meaning?

The other man went to a side door. Josiah waited a few minutes then followed. When the speaker got to a point where everyone was cheering and jeering, Josiah and the other man slipped out and ducked into the nearby pine grove.

“I’m Teleos. I know you are Josiah. We’ve been looking for you. Leave at dawn for your grandfather’s cabin. There is much news.”

Josiah nodded then took one more look into Teleos’s eyes. Light, peace, and wisdom—like cool drinks of water on a scorching day.

Then Teleos was gone. Josiah slipped back into the colony building. They were still rejoicing in their dark freedoms.

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