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Pure Amore Submission Guidelines

Pelican Pure Amore
Sweet Romance, Pure Enjoyment ™

Pelican Pure Amore romances are sweet in tone and in conflict. These stories are the emotionally-driven tales of youthful Christians who are striving to live their faith in a world where Christ-centered choices may not fully be understood.

Plots should not contain overly hard-hitting or controversial subjects but should be hope-filled, enjoyable reads that don’t come with a lot of excess baggage. Stories should be written in an active, engaging style that leaves the reader satisfied and smiling. Plots should focus on the love between a man and a woman who both hold God at the center of their lives and who have never been married. The hero and heroine will exhibit traditional Christian values but also should be three-dimensional and therefore exhibit flaws as well as virtues.

•    Neither the hero nor heroine can have been married before. No divorced, separated, or widowed protagonists

•    Both Hero and Heroine should be Christians throughout. While Pure Amore may feature subplots that include the hero or heroine rediscovering or growing to a deeper faith, these are not stories centered on conversion. Therefore, both Hero and Heroine must be Christian at the onset.

•    Either the hero or heroine, or both, must be a virgin. That means they must be physical virgin as opposed to being a “rededicated” virgin, and this fact must be addressed naturally within the context of the story.

•    These are stories of Christians living Christian lives. Characters should adhere to mainline Christianity, but should not be preachy or didactic. The Christian element and/or lesson should be inherent to the characterizations and so should come through in the protagonists’ natural actions/reactions to events and people around them. 

•    Heroes and heroines must be between the ages of 21 and 33, inclusive.

•    ALL titles must be between 40,000 and 45,000 words. No exceptions.

Pure Amore romances emphasize the beauty in chastity, so physical interactions such as kissing or hugging should focus on the characters’ emotions rather than heightened sexual desire, and scenes of physical intimacy should be integral to the plot and/or emotional development of the character or relationship.

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