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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Please read before submitting: Do not query us on a title that is already published. If your book is available (whether for sale or free) anywhere, in any format, in any length, in any iteration, we are not interested in these titles. It will not change our minds if you agree to "unpublish" it in the event we accept the title. We take very few reprints as it is. Reprints are almost always from an author with whom we already have a relationship, and they are always titles that have been out of print and unavailable for a considerable time.

Sorry to be so blunt here, but the note we have on our guidelines page is increasingly being ignored and the number of submissions we are receiving on titles that are, or have been, self-published on Amazon, on Smashwords, on blog posts, etc. is increasing. To submit these titles does nothing but waste your time and ours. Thank you for understanding.

And to the countless authors who do follow our guidelines. Thank you. We appreciate every submission more than can be expressed here.

And one final IMPORTANT note: We respond via email, exclusively. Please whitelist, turn OFF email-address screening, and if you haven't heard from us within the average response time, check your junk/spambox.