Romantic Suspense

High Deceit

Robin Clayton gets the worst phone call of her life.  Mark, her police detective husband, has been shot in the line of duty.  Or was... more info

All I Want for Christmas is Johnny Rocker Dead

Johnny Rocker believes he doesn't need anyone or anything—especially God. After all, he is a rock & roll god. When the floor beneath... more info


Even as a teenager Yvetta Graham had vivid dreams. Ones that made it difficult to distinguish phantasm from reality. Now, she's almost thirty and... more info

Down to Sleep

DC Zander Ellery isn't sure which he dislikes the most: New partners, rookie female officers, or cases he can't solve. Right now he has all... more info

Soul to Keep

As the body count increases and more paintings are recovered, DC Zander Ellery and his partner DC Isabel York are under increasing pressure to catch... more info

Soul to Take

Just when things couldn’t get much worse, they suddenly do. With DS Zander Ellery in jail, his partner DC Isabel York fights to clear his name.... more info