The Logger's Christmas Bride

Christmas Extravaganza 2019 The only life Viola Chivers ever wanted was here in these Klamath Mountains, loving and serving her family. Pa's... more info

All I Want for Christmas is Johnny Rocker Dead

Johnny Rocker believes he doesn't need anyone or anything—especially God. After all, he is a rock & roll god. When the floor beneath... more info

Yellowstone Yondering

International Digital Award - 2020   When a free-spirited wildlife photographer loses her Scottish terrier in a herd of bison, she sets out to... more info

Heavenly Lights: Noah's Journey

Noah bat Zelophehad has tended her father’s herds and flocks since she was a girl. With God’s gift of land, she plans to make her sisters... more info


Part of the Ponder This series:   Manderley Jessup is having enough trouble squeezing into last summer's dresses, and now her mother... more info

Mandy's Song

High school senior Mandy Thorpe has two great hopes: to nudge her friendship with Erik Andersen into romance, and to step up her singing dreams by... more info

Claiming Canaan: Milcah's Journey

When the tribal elders make marriage a requirement for claiming her land, Milcah bat Zelophehad must find a betrothed straightaway. The only problem... more info

Cowboy Just In Time

When event planner Amanda Totten falls through a barn trapdoor and finds herself in the arms of an 1890’s cowboy, she scrambles to find a way... more info

Charlotte Masterson Gets A Life

High school sophomore Charlotte Masterson isn't smart enough to be a nerd, isn't musical enough to be a band geek, or pretty enough to be... more info

Courting Country

One Secret Love + One Misdirection x Multiple Situationships = Courting Country Taggart Bauman has secretly loved Kylie Gordon since they were young,... more info

Christmastime in London Town

Needing a change of pace, elementary school teacher Kelly Seda accepts the school exchange position and flies from Ottawa to London. Exchanging jobs... more info

Whitney's Vow

THIS IS NOT THE WEDDING DAY WHITNEY EXPECTED Whitney Anderson is stunned by the news that her dashing husband is dead. She doesn't understand... more info

Suffer The Little Children

There comes a moment in every Christian’s life when he must decide if his faith is real—or not. For Nia Johnson-Simpson that time is now.... more info

The Bounty Hunter's Bride

Bounty hunter Luke Lancaster brings the best of both worlds to his work—the tracking skills of his Comanche father and the marksmanship he... more info

The Dollmaker's Daughter

Forgetful scientist Simon Morgan lost his chance with Amity Archer ten years ago. He knows there is no hope...until a sea captain trades a meal for... more info