Prism Lux

Christian fiction that reflects the the Light of Christ

Clear as Ice

Christmas Extravaganza 2019 When Ethan’s prayers for his mother’s life go unanswered, he abandons his faith, tossing it out with his... more info

Lucy in Love?

Things are finally looking up for Lucy Leti. Her bakery is doing well, her friends are amazing, and her family is supportive. She’s even so... more info

Charlotte's Dilemma

She was part of a London scandal through no fault of her own. Now she's been banished to the countryside to live as a schoolteacher under a false... more info


Manderley Jessup is having enough trouble squeezing into last summer's dresses, and now her mother expects her to save the family honor? A film... more info

A Field of Forget-me-nots

When the patron of the Foundling School takes pity upon young orphan, Georgiana (Ana) Weston, Lady Dunston raises her as one of her own. However,... more info

To Complicate Matters

Angelica Dunn, baker extraordinaire, is weary of living from one pie season to another. When she slips on the floor under a bucket of custard... more info

This Worthy Heart

Celestina Morgan’s dreams of happily-ever-after hit a major glitch when she suffers a small stroke. There’s no permanent damage from the... more info

Everything about Us

Danny Winston, America’s newest heartthrob, thinks he can have it all—his dream business and the girl. He’s sure he can convince... more info

A Perfect Fit

Hannah Lockhart has every intention of saying yes to the marriage proposal she’s expecting...but the proposal never comes. Now she has only one... more info

Cooking Up a Mystery

Laney Eskridge worked to put her husband through dental school. Then he left with another woman. She’s on edge from the emotional scars and her... more info

Heart of a Warrior

The Man She Fears Is Her Only Chance For Survival . . . All Christina Astle wants is to reach Oregon before her baby is born, but the wagon train is... more info