What do blackberries and firefighters have in common?

Find out in Summer's Flame and help bring food, shelter, education and more to many around the world

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All proceeds to benefit Food for the Poor®

Find out why Wendy Davy and Pelican Book Group have partnered to raise money for Food for the Poor®

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Children are hungry

No, not just hungry, starving. Nearly half of all child deaths under the age of 5 are caused by malnutrition.


This house is not a home

For less than what some pay for a gaming computer, Food for the Poor builds a home for the homeless.


A Child should never be alone

Food for the Poor supports orphanages that provide a safe environment for children in need.


Wendy Says

God began preparing me to write Summer's Flame months before I even knew PBG was planning a charity project, or that I would be the one chosen to write the story. (But God knew. :) ) In the months leading up to Nicola's phone call, I came across several people at different times that needed help in some form or another. Most were homeless. In all of the cases it was obvious they had little to call their own, and probably didn't know where their next meal was coming from. One was a mother standing in the parking lot with her two children who needed help to get back home to another state. After handing over some money to the mother, I left the parking lot in tears. I had helped a family who needed food for a day, but what about tomorrow? What about all the others who are hungry on a daily basis? I remember feeling as if I wanted to help feed people on a much larger scale than what I could do that day in the parking lot. But, alone, what could I possibly do?

Turns out, I wasn't meant to do it alone, but rather by partnering with PBG. Not long after, Nicola called and asked if I would like to write a book for charity, and when she mentioned Food for the Poor as being a possibility, I KNEW that God had been working with my heart to prepare me for this venture.


Nicola Says

Long before I was prompted to do our recent Lenten Giveaway, I had this idea to publish a book where all the proceeds went to a charity. All our books fulfill a spiritual purpose, but I wanted to bring that spiritual blessing into the physical world in a tangible way. The idea for the "charity book" was born, and so I approached the talented and lovely Wendy Davy to see if she would be interested in writing the novel. She and I discussed different non-profits, but Food for the Poor rose to the top.

I first learned about the organization when a Food for the Poor representative visited our church, and I've been impressed ever since with their ability to do so much: Build houses, feed people, educate children, provide sustainable clean water...the list is impressive. And more than 95% of donations actually makes it to the programs!

For over five years, through the medium of storytelling, Pelican Book Group has striven to feed people spiritually, now we strive to help feed people physically, as well; and I'm honoured to do that by supporting an organization that has already helped millions.

by donating just a few dollars each, together we can save lives


Feeds a child for a year


Sends a child to school for a year


Provides a pump for clean water


Builds a home with sanitation



In addition to knowing you're helping those less fortunate,
you also get to read or share a great inspirational story.

Firefighter Aiden Hawk has found his calling—giving back to the community that helped raise him—but deep down he longs for more. When Summer Cassel comes into his life hope sparks, and he dares to dream of a family to call his own, but each time he nears her, his nerves kick in and a shy streak takes hold.

When Aiden moves in next door, Summer is determined to give him a proper welcome. After all, the handsome man ignites a flame she can't seem to resist. But, she doesn't take risks, especially those involving her heart, so when she discovers there is more to her bashful neighbor than meets the eye, Summer must make the ultimate decision...

Will she be bound by fear or released by faith?

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What People Say about Wendy's Books

Deadly Chase was filled with suspense as well as sweet, blissful romance. The chemistry between the two characters was amazing. If you love reading a good romance story with a twist of suspense, then this book is for you.


Cozy Reader

The Romance Reviews

Reluctant Bridesmaid by Wendy Davy is a charming romance with likable characters and lively dialogue. While the growing romance between Jordan and Tanner is the main focus of the story, the author also focuses on their Christian faith and how the events in their lives have shaped their beliefs and their willingness to depend on God to get them through their troubles.



Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

You Can't Hide had me hooked from the very beginning and didn't let me go until the last page was turned. It was like watching an intense movie where you find yourself wringing your hands and taking quick breaths.



Love 2 Read Novels

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About the Author


Wendy Davy

Wendy Davy is an award-winning inspirational romance author who enjoys outdoor activities and small town charm. As you read her books, you will visit special places close to her heart. No matter where her characters come from or where they take you, it will always be an exciting journey, page after page. Ms. Davy enjoys traveling and searching for new places to include in her stories.

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