Pure Amore Romance: Bundle of All twelve 2015 Titles

Pure Amore Romance: Bundle of All twelve 2015 Titles

Pure Amore: Book Five

Date Night: By Marianne Evans


Courage to serve, courage to love.....

Throughout this read, courage plays a huge role in all the characters stories. And I learned more about courage myself, to follow your thoughts and dreams, no matter what, because God will guide you and give you the courage you need to make your dreams a reality. And the picture you see in the end, well, God's picture is not always the same as yours, so trust in Him and explore His picture too. Because His picture, His plans for you, are far greater than anything life can bring you.

In this story, Natalie and Ethan explore their own courage through serving God and through love. Coming from two different worlds, they meet through a program called Date Night. Deciding they weren't looking for love after all, Natalie learns more about Ethan's life of being an Optical specialist and his journey of mission trips to Honduras to help others see and get proper medical treatment for their eyes. This peaks her interest and she's eager to learn more. Can she find the courage to step out of her comfort zone of being an interior designer and endure the heartfelt joy a mission trip to Honduras can bring you. After much thought and prayer, she joins Ethan in Honduras. Life is forever changed for both of them. Can the courage they take to endure the lifestyle in Honduras lead them to step out of their comfort zone and explore love after all? Read with me this heartwarming beautiful story of how God brings two lives together, giving them courage in sharing His love and His work with others and with each other. You will be blessed.

Pure Amore, Book 5, by Marianne was a very inspiring, emotional yet courageous story that continues this one a month for a year set about purity and saving yourselves for marriage. This set is going to change hearts of all ages in ways beyond words. It's so hard growing up in today's time but the authors of this entire set show us that God loves us and He is always with us and with Him by our side, He gives us joy, hope and love that will make our hearts stronger and oh so very happy!! That's what each of us deserves. I'm so excited that we will be shown this throughout the set. Every guy and girl needs to hear this message. It's such an honor we can hear about it through the Pure Amore ministry!

Sharon Dean, 08/10/2015
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