Pure Amore Romance: Bundle of All twelve 2015 Titles

Pure Amore Romance: Bundle of All twelve 2015 Titles

Pure Amore: Book Nine

Then and Now: By Marianne Evans

Traveling down memory lane....

It was so refreshing traveling down memory lane with the sweetest of characters Marianne has graced us with in this book. Olivia and Aiden, WOW! Your childhood, so innocent, so pure. Growing up overlooking the pristine waters of Lake Avalon in Michigan, you gave me a picturesque view that was heaven scent. Your childhood was the best story told and the friendship you two shared is like no other. A bond never to be broken and always looking out for each other. While Aiden is forced to leave this beautiful area at a very young age and leave his Olivia behind, his life takes a very unexpected turn years later. He is forced to revisit his hometown and face some of the most horrific memories from his past. Scared to death, he hopes to run into his childhood bestest friend, Olivia, whom he hasn't seen since he was forced to leave. Will she be the same sweet girl that loved life, savored sweet moments by the lake? Would she still be there? Traveling down this very scary path, Aiden makes sure God is by his side. Their story picks up when he gets to Lake Avalon and finds Olivia right there were she was when he left. Can the bond and love they shared years ago come back anew and fresh? Join me in finding out how this precious story unfolds. And while reading their story, it will put you in a place that will have you reminiscing your own childhood and bring joy and smiles to your heart.

Pure Amore, Book 9, by Marianne was a very inspiring, emotional yet courageous story that continues this one a month for a year set about purity and saving yourselves for marriage. This set is going to change hearts of all ages in ways beyond words. It's so hard growing up in today's time but the authors of this entire set show us that God loves us and He is always with us and with Him by our side, He gives us joy, hope and love that will make our hearts stronger and oh so very happy!! That's what each of us deserves. I'm so excited that we will be shown this throughout the set. Every guy and girl needs to hear this message. It's such an honor we can hear about it through the Pure Amore ministry!

Sharon Dean, 08/10/2015
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars