Pure Amore Romance: Bundle of All twelve 2015 Titles

Pure Amore Romance: Bundle of All twelve 2015 Titles

Pure Amore: Book Eight

At First Site: By Delia Latham

No matter your looks, No matter your personality, Someone Loves You....

Oh Wow! This read had me giggle, smile and taught me to just be myself NO MATTER WHAT!!!! Just when you think you look horrible, you say all the wrong things, you are down on yourself because you feel like no one loves you. Well think again my friends! You are loved, you are amazing!! Not only does God love you but your soul mate loves you too!!! Delia so eloquently brings characters Reagan, Stevie and Cord into your lives to show us just that! With moments of humor, moments of tears, their stories reflect God's love for us in ways that may surprise you. And shows us that if we trek out on our own to put plans in motion, well God, He will guide us to the perfect plan, the one made for us. Join me through this story taken place in Riverbend House of Worship, laugh and cry with me as you meet these unforgettable characters. And oh yes, you will meet Auntie Tess too! She is just a delight and you won't believe how she intervenes with the plan Reagan has up her sleeve! Happy reading with me today!

Pure Amore, Book 8, by Delia was a very inspiring, emotional yet courageous story that continues this one a month for a year set about purity and saving yourselves for marriage. This set is going to change hearts of all ages in ways beyond words. It's so hard growing up in today's time but the authors of this entire set show us that God loves us and He is always with us and with Him by our side, He gives us joy, hope and love that will make our hearts stronger and oh so very happy!! That's what each of us deserves. I'm so excited that we will be shown this throughout the set. Every guy and girl needs to hear this message. It's such an honor we can hear about it through the Pure Amore ministry!

Sharon Dean, 08/08/2015
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