Lexi's Heart

Lexi\'s Heart

Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite

Mother’s Day is approaching and Lexi Carlisle is making a trip to see her mother again this year, but it will be different from previous experiences. This year, Lexi’s mom probably will not know who she is because of her Alzheimer's disease. As Lexi approaches her mother's room, she hears someone reading to her, and recognizes that it is a western Christian fiction writer. At first, Lexi is not happy Mitch is with her mother, but then finds herself in an ice cream shop with him having ice cream. As they share their stories, Mitch reminds Lexi that God can work through her mom’s disease for His glory. But all Lexi wants is for her mom to recognize her so that she can finally tell her mom that she loves her.

This is a heartwarming but sad story written for Mother’s Day. Having lost my mom, it was very difficult for me to read, but I did understand Mitch as he supported Lexi, trying to make her realize that her mother’s situation was in God’s hands and she needs to trust Him. This is not always easy to understand, especially when her mom doesn’t even know who Lexi is, and Lexi can’t communicate with her at all. I appreciate how Delia Latham weaves faith into the story, showing how God does care that we are hurting, and He does answer our prayers and gives us peace in the end. With Mother’s Day approaching, I encourage readers to pick up a copy of "Lexi's Heart" for a nice read for the day. Even with the sadness of the situation, you will find peace and comfort knowing that God cares about every area of our lives. And you will be especially thankful for the mom God has given you.

Delia Latham, 10/03/2014
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