Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

donnabasinow@yahoo.com (Thursday, 13 December 2012)
Rating: 5

This story is great! I just love Zoe - and Zack! Watching God at work in the lives of these two, with the helpful nudging of Mr. Hart and his angel
friends, is a true glory to behold - and lots of fun, too.

Zoe is wonderful. Her heart is so in tune with trying to follow the Lord's
leading the best she can, that she often doesn't think before speaking or acting...leaving observers a bit confused in her wake. But Zoe knows that
where He leads, she has to follow. And I can't forget her stained glass work - as Zack describes it, like "walking into a kaleidoscope."
Ooh, I can just picture that!

Zack's confusion about his future is where we see God truly at work. And Zoe's leading him back to God's love
is beautiful.

What a great story!

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