Bayou Blue: Softcover

Bayou Blue: Softcover (Thursday, 06 September 2012)
Rating: 5

Wow, Ms. Byrnes really knows how to drop you right into the heart of things. And in this case, not just the heart, but the heat too.rnrnFrom the start
of this book I didn't want to put it down! Riley wears her heart on her sleeve, and not just for the brother that she lost. Yes, she wants to prove
him innocent, not just for herself and her family, but for the sake of his memory. She knows all isn't as it appears and she wants to clear his name.
And then there's Jake, a man torn between duty and his own heart. He's the kind of hero we all want in our lives. And he already owns a piece of
Riley's heart.rnrnThis story is fast paced, even in the slow heat of the bayou, and the heat just keeps building inside and out. Great story! If you
enjoy unraveling twists and turns from a crime story, you're gonna love this one.

PBG Marketing Dept, 07/30/2013
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