Catch Your Breath

Catch Your Breath (Thursday, 16 August 2012)
Rating: 5

LOL I love it!!! And that's just the beginning, wait till you read the rest! This story is full of wonderful moments that will make you laugh, or
smile, or cry. Ms. Bain certainly knows how to wring the emotion out of her characters and make you love or hate them!rnrnCallie is a sweetheart and
you'll just want to wrap your arms around her and just help her through everything she's dealing with. You can't help but want to protect her from
some of the people around her from both the past and present. rnrnAnd Riley, well, he's a lot more than the strong silent type. Although he's that,
too. But Callie certainly brings out the best in him!rnrnI loved the twists and turns in the story - really through me a couple of curves. Well done!

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