Savanna's Gift

Savanna\'s Gift

lglazagain (Sunday, 20 November 2011)
Rating: 5

Savanna Holt, blinded by prestige and a journey that will take her up the social ladder, finds herself, once again, confronted by love AND Luke
Nelson, the man she left at the bottom of the rungs. Now, the manager of the ski lodge, Luke is suspicious of her attention. Does she really want him,
or is she merely attracted to his position?rnrnSavanna's Gift is a delightful story of how we grow up, and learn what is truly important in life.
Savanna and Luke must both learn to trust, and realize that kids make mistakes as they're trying to discover who they are.rnrnHow far will God bring
both of them? Enough to re-discover each other, or will they decide their first love simply didn't mean much at all? Pick up Savanna's Gift for a
wonderful holiday read...

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