Savanna's Gift

Savanna\'s Gift

Donna B Snow (Thursday, 08 December 2011)
Rating: 5

This is THE PERFECT Christmas story! A lot of heartache, a little angst, lots of love and forgiveness. From the scents of Christmas in the lobby, to
the decorations in the lounge – she describes this Christmas wonderland so well, from holiday treats to a warm, glowing fire – you’ll feel like
you’re there.rnrnOut of the kindness of her heart, Savanna does her friend a favor, exposing herself to facing some heartbreaking memories. Only
it’s not just memories. She comes face to face with her past. Tension oozes off the pages so thick that you can feel her nervousness and regrets.
And pain just pours off of Luke as he tries to deal with seeing her again.rnrnThis story moves you gently through a gamut of emotions so real they
could be your own.rnrnWhat a gift this story is!

PBG Marketing Dept, 07/30/2013
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