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Miss Fishfly


Searching for love everywhere but in the right places, Christie Hayes is confounded when chocolate brown eyes wink at her at her best friend's wedding. A narrow miss of the bedpan, and she discovers old Mr. Hartway's grandson, Colton Keller, and brown eyes are one in the same. ...


Searching for love everywhere but in the right places, Christie Hayes is confounded when chocolate brown eyes wink at her at her best friend's wedding. A narrow miss of the bedpan, and she discovers old Mr. Hartway's grandson, Colton Keller, and brown eyes are one in the same. 




Christie Hayes fluffed the bottom layers of Aleni’s silk wedding gown, dreaming of a marriage of her own when she should have been concentrating on her maid of honor duties. “When you said you’d be wearing your mother-in-law’s wedding dress, I thought you’d be wearing puffy sleeves and a headdress that dips over your forehead, not this beautiful silk gown and cap.”
Aleni smiled over her shoulder. “You all right?”
Taking in this scene of perfection, Christie choked back a sob. “I’m fine. Really. Let’s concentrate on today, your day.”
“That doctor you were dating.” Aleni frowned. “He responded ‘no’ to my invitation.”
Chewing her lip, Christie stared at the floor. “I’m sure he didn’t want to run into me.”
“You two broke up?”
Christie slumped into the chair next to the mirror. “We did. I know you warned me.” Her face crumpled into a frown. “He was seeing that pediatric nurse, Sara, on the fifth floor.” Christie lifted her head, jutted her chin out. “You were right about all of it. And I was wrong.” Her heart stuttered. “About so many things, Aleni. So many.”
“Oh, Christie. I didn’t tell you so I could be right.” Aleni leaned down and hugged her. “When are you going to find a guy who will treat you like a princess? Bad boys might be exciting, but they don’t change because of a promise or even a wedding ring. All guys with bad reps may not stay that way forever, but do you want to take the chance? You deserve better.”
Not wanting to appear helpless, Christie pushed at Aleni’s arms. “Let’s not talk about men. I don’t…well, I’m not smart like you. I can’t tell if they love me or they’re just saying it to make me happy. I’ve ridden the roller coaster of bad boys, and I still can’t tell the difference.”
“When a man loves you, you’ll know. He won’t have to tell you in words. There won’t be any guesses, and the man won’t pressure you into a relationship. There’s more to love than sex, Christie Hayes.”
Christie turned away, dabbing at her eyes. “I know. I just feel loved when there’s a man in my life.”
“Maybe, maybe not.” Aleni pushed a curl off Christie’s face. “I’m not a shrink. Only you know what you’re searching for. Now, stop crying or your makeup will run down your cheeks faster than an overflowing creek.”
Christie stared in the mirror. “Will run? Look at me. I already look like a raccoon. C’mon, girl. Don’t let me keep whining. You’re about to marry the most wonderful man in the world.”
“I am, that.” Gathering her skirt, Aleni did a one-eighty of the room. “Where’d Ty run off to?”
Christie re-applied her foundation and dabbed it with blusher. “He’s with Brice. Your little man is putting on his jacket. How did you find a size four tux?”
“Megan found it. Not as rare as we thought. His father would be so proud of him.” Her hands skimmed the edges of the flowers. Tears filled her eyes. “Eli was a good husband and father, but Brice will be, too. I am truly twice blessed.”
“You really are blessed, Aleni. If I believed in that stuff, that is.”
Aleni grabbed her arms with both hands. “You could be, too, Christie. If only you’d allow—”
“Not today, OK? Maybe when you get back from your honeymoon. I said I’d go to church with you—once. All right? Then, no more about it.” She wasn’t looking forward to it, but going to church one more time wouldn’t kill her if it would make Aleni and Brice happy.
“Deal,” Aleni said. “Doesn’t Megan’s dress look wonderful? I can’t believe she offered to let me wear it. And the veil’s her mother’s.”
Christie adjusted the small head-hugging cap. “So much prettier than those huge headpieces they wore in the eighties. This is lovely and perfect with the dress. Brice is going to faint when he sees you.”
“Oh, sure. Big bad soldier survives the madness of Iraq to come home and faint in front of a church full of people. How embarrassing would that be?” She giggled and pressed the flowers to her nose. “I can’t believe you arranged these. They’re gorgeous. And from Megan’s garden. I never realized how delicious peonies smell. Thanks, Christie. I couldn’t have done any of this without you and Megan.”
Christie smiled at the compliment and grabbed Aleni’s arm. “You hear that music? It’s calling your name. I think we’d better get out there.”
Megan peered around the corner. “Everyone’s waiting, missy. There’s a man who wants to marry you. And a little man who wants a new daddy—officially.” She grinned, but Christie recognized the hint of sadness in her eyes. Her son, Eli, had died in Iraq. And now, her daughter-in-law was marrying Brice Taylor, whom she welcomed with open arms. “Get a move on.”

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by PBG Marketing Dept

kerouser (Saturday, 22 June 2013) Rating: 5 Miss Fishfly, a novella by Linda Glaz, is a sweet contemporary romance about two young people dealing with the baggage from their pasts, which they don’t want to carry into the future. Christy Hayes, a hard working nurse, was once deserted by her father and has been looking for love with the wrong kind of guys. Cole Keller, a war hero from a dysfunctional background, has been betrayed by the one woman he thought he loved. Both of them are struggling to find something more in their lives, but don’t think God is the answer. They are thrown together by the wedding of their best friends, Aleni and Brice, and again at the bedside of Cole’s dying grandpa. A friendship between Christie and Cole that begs to be more, and the gentle prodding of the God-fearing people in their lives, send the two on a quest for healing and a future that promises more than their pasts. /_ Miss Fishfly is a page-turning, quick read with strong characters

by PBG Marketing Dept

MarjiLaine (Monday, 17 June 2013) Rating: 5 I love Linda Glaz's novellas! First Polar Bear Plunge delighted me. Then Miss Fishfly took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. How can you go wrong with a cute little kid and a crotchety old man who holds no truth back. Because Miss Fishfly is short, there's no room for messing around with the romance. Things start of quick, and the chemistry between the main characters is downright tasty. But as is often the case, other details side-swipe what would be a perfect relationship. Other people and situations threaten to permanently spoil the possibilities. Then there's Mr. Hartley, the hero's grandfather. What a character: sweet-talking one nurse and humiliating another in almost the same breath. And he's the spiritual strength despite his age and physical weakness. Undeniable truth wrapped in forgiveness accompany this poignant story of romance and family ties - dysfunctional as they might be. Yes, I laughed

by PBG Marketing Dept

"I found this to be really well written, with characters that sucked me in right from the first chapter. Cole and Christie have both been hurt, damaged in their own way, and both are trying to make the best of their solitude. Working through their personal issues, and with friends and family urging them to open themselves more to the spiritual side of human nature, and have faith and trust in God more, there is a lot going on in this story. Full of fun antics, heartwarming friendship and complicated relationships this is a fast-paced novel that draws you in and held my attention throughout. I also got a bit of a kick out of the “friends without benefits” line they tried to describe their burgeoning relationship as it was different to so many other novels out there....An interesting blend of classic, sweet and military – I feel certain this will appeal to a wide range of readers. There is no graphic sex, and indeed nothing stronger than a few kisses between Cole and Christie. I found th