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Winter Wonders: Hardback


Kalani "Winter" Wonder has much bigger plans than being a local news anchor. National plans…maybe even international. She certainly won’t be stuck in California for the rest of her life. She’s going places—faraway places, grand places she’s only dreamed of...

Kalani "Winter" Wonder has much bigger plans than being a local news anchor. National plans…maybe even international. She certainly won’t be stuck in California for the rest of her life. She’s going places—faraway places, grand places she’s only dreamed of so far.

Then her brother’s little puddle-jumper plane crashes in the Cambria pines, leaving them stuck in lovely old fishing lodge with a strange lady who has a knack for making Winter’s mind go places it doesn’t want to go. Places like Heaven, and God…and love.

Brady Merckle leads a quiet life, far from the one he led as a youth—and he likes things just the way they are. Then Winter Wonder lands in Cambria, and Brady can’t help enjoying her company. But she’s a driven, determined journalist, and the last thing Brady needs is for some over-curious reporter to dig up his past. He’d best stay a whole village away from Winter.

But then the saucy visitor extends her stay, and Miss Angie suddenly decides to spruce up the lodge…using Brady’s plentiful brawn. He and Winter find themselves thrown unrelentingly together.

Winter has landed, and a Miracle is about to happen.


The angel bowed at the feet of the Father. He trembled—not with fear, but with unspeakable joy at being in the presence of the one and only God…his Father, who loved him with a pure, unconditional, never-ending love.

The Father’s hand stroked the messenger’s white hair. “Rise, faithful one. We have much to discuss.”

The angel stood. “Autumn and Russ…”

“Are together, just as they should be. They’ve found that I am Love, and I never fail, even when others do. You did well, Messenger.”

“I could do nothing without You, Father. And, of course, our busy blue jay was of immense help.” The angel smiled.

“Ah, yes. He did well.” The simple voice of approval breathed warmth and life into the messenger’s being. “Together, we brought the intended hearts together. You have a special touch with my children. Their response to you is always favorable.” A wide smile lit the Father’s face, making it a beacon of light…and wonder…and immense joy. “Even the most headstrong of them.”

“Only because You are my inspiration, my Lord. I simply follow Your lead.”

Deep, wonderful laughter from the Father’s lips sent a low rumble, like the comforting, ever-present roll of an ocean, through the heavens. “I will always lead those who want to be led. Now it is time to prepare for your next assignment.”

The messenger’s white eyebrows drew together. “I’ve not felt Your direction to accept any of the humans who seek to fill that space, Father.”

“You won’t, Messenger. Not this time. One half of our next couple will come to you from the sky.”

“From the sky?” The messenger’s vivid blue eyes widened. “I don’t understand.”

“You will know her when you see her.” The Father’s smile eased any uncertainty the angel might have experienced. “The man she is meant to love is familiar to you, and loved by many in Cambria.”

“May I know who, my Lord?”

“Both of the humans in this assignment use names not given them at birth. The man does so to protect himself from unfavorable elements in his past. The woman’s new name was taken on for the sake of vanity and public favor.”

The messenger remained silent for a long time, and the Father allowed him to mull over the information.

Finally, the angel raised a trouble gaze. “They are deceitful?”

“Yes and no, Messenger. Their relationship will bring the hidden to light and heal old wounds in both hearts.”

“Yes, Father.” It was not his to question, but to obey. “I will do my best.”

“You will do well, as you always do.”

“You will not give me names?”

“Names are not the most reliable of components in this mission, but when the time comes, you will recognize them.” The Father smiled, and peace flooded the messenger’s heart. “Trust Me, dear one, as you always have. I will not fail.”

“Of course not, Father. I will rest in that assurance.”

“One more thing.” The Father gently touched the angel’s hand, piercing his heart with deep, fierce love and utter devotion. “This time, you will have some impact on another binding of hearts as well.”

The messenger gasped. “Two couples?”

“Your focus will be on the couple I’ve outlined already, but you will influence another pairing as well—and one of them will also come to you from the sky.” The Father pulled the messenger close and wrapped loving arms around him. “Trust me, faithful Messenger. You will recognize my human children when the time is right. You will see My hand and feel My direction.”

When the Father opened His arms and stepped away, the angel felt the absence of His touch deep inside. But he nodded, subservient and submissive to God’s will.

“I will follow Your lead, Father.”

“You always do. Just never forget that they are human…all of them. Mistakes on their part do not make them bad, nor does it cancel My plan for their lives.”

“What a blessing, since even Your angels are capable of error.”

“You’ll need to keep that in mind throughout this mission.”

“Yes, Father.”

“Now go, Messenger.” A touch of urgency deepened the Father’s melodic voice. “And look to the sky. They come to you, even now.”

The messenger opened his mouth to speak but didn’t. Nothing mattered except what God willed. He nodded and found himself once again in the human form the Father had given him to use while at his earthly location.

Home, sweet temporary home.


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