Historical Romance

Grace Like A Whisper

Despite the harsh scrutiny of others, Grace Cantrell has a passion for teaching and so accepts a one-year assignment as a schoolmistress in a small... more info

Westward Hope

Selah Awards 2020 - 2nd Place Winner - Western Category Why him? Why here? Why now? Caroline Pierce O'Leary expects to work hard to earn her... more info

Taming Julia

In 1875, Kansas bachelor Drew Montgomery's sole desire is to serve God, but his congregation's ultimatum that he marry or leave, forces him... more info

Charlotte's Dilemma

Part of the Ponder This series: She was part of a London scandal through no fault of her own. Now she's been banished to the countryside to live... more info

A Field of Forget-me-nots

Part of the Ponder This series:   When the patron of the Foundling School takes pity upon young orphan, Georgiana (Ana) Weston, Lady Dunston... more info

Heart of a Warrior

The Man She Fears Is Her Only Chance For Survival . . . All Christina Astle wants is to reach Oregon before her baby is born, but the wagon train is... more info

Claiming Canaan: Milcah's Journey

When the tribal elders make marriage a requirement for claiming her land, Milcah bat Zelophehad must find a betrothed straightaway. The only problem... more info

Settlers' Hope

After years of wandering, Pace Williams expects to find a home in the Oregon Country. He doesn't expect to fall in love with a fiery Irishwoman... more info

Season Of Hope

Hope Stockton’s life is dead, frozen in a winter of guilt, deceit, and fear. When handsome young pastor, Josh Lewis, comes to serve in her... more info

The Time for Healing

Ginny Red Fawn McLain, a Shawnee medicine woman, is thrust back into the world of her birth family twelve years after her abduction. While she... more info

The Shopkeeper's Widow

Delany Fleet, a widowed former indentured servant living in the colonial port of Norfolk, Virginia, dreams of having an estate of her own where she... more info

Patriot's Courage

Ryan McGowan vows to kill every Indian in Ohio territory in retaliation for his brother’s death. At the Battle of Fallen Timbers, he breaks his... more info

An Escape for Ellie

Forced to flee on foot from what she thinks is a safe haven, Ellie is given a ride, then a position as a companion by a genteel lady who is traveling... more info

The Widow's Christmas Miracle

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Red Dawn's world was shattered in a single vengeful act, an act that brought her to into the home of the enemy. She couldn't love a white... more info

Love Stumbled In

In the midst of tragedy and uncertainty love stumbles in... The years of WWI and the flu epidemic that followed have left Carrie orphaned and taken... more info