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Novellas are full-featured storylines told in a shorter page range than full-length novels. Novellas are great for readers who love to start and finish a book quickly, but want the feel of a full-length novel. Books in this category will have a page range between approximately 120-200.

Available at Retailers A Lady for the Lawman

A Lady for the Lawman

Available at Retailers A Work in Progress

A Work in Progress

Available at Retailers Accident Waiting to Happen

Accident Waiting to Happen

Beast of Stratton

Beast of Stratton

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers

Available at Retailers Escape to Big Fork Lake

Escape to Big Fork Lake

Available at Retailers For Our Good

For Our Good

Available at Retailers Her Hometown HeartHer Hometown Heart

Her Hometown Heart

Available at Retailers Hidden Storms

Hidden Storms

Available at Retailers Hoping for Joy

Hoping for Joy

Available at Retailers Hounded


Lamp Unto Her FeetLamp Unto Her Feet

Lamp Unto Her Feet

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