Pelican Books in Print

Hearts Surrender: Softcover

Kiara Jordan is a sophisticated modernista, but beneath an engaging personality and super-model looks, her heart hungers, and she longs for deeper... more info

Jewel of the Adriatic: Softcover

What happens when a nightgown model and a soap opera star meet in a Croatian village where millions believe the Mother of God appears to three... more info

Love Letters: Softcover

Randy Ambrose has penned scores of love letters to his wife, but she's never seen them. He fears she won't receive his affections, and her... more info

Love Never Lies: Softcover

Julie had trust issues from a previous romance. Therefore, when she met the new church counselor, romance was the last thing on her mind. Yet,... more info

Masquerade Marriage: Softcover

A SECRET LIST To protect his loved ones and escape the dark fate of his brothers, a noted warrior abandons his identity. Hiding from relentless... more info

More than Great Riches: Softcover

Tracy Dixon is an unwitting suspect in a high-profile jewelry theft. The NYPD warns her not to leave town. But Tracy gets word that her beloved... more info

Moving On: Softcover

Meagan Layne longs for a traditional life as a wife and mother. Love, marriage to an honorable man, a stable home life for her son, more children; it... more info

Night Waves: Softcover

Newspaper reporter, Cali Stevens, boldly walks into Sheriff Nick Justice’s office with one goal in mind: To find her best friend who... more info

Orchard Hill: Volume One: Softcover

Orchard Hill Residents - lock up your hearts! Pansy Parker and Misty Green are rivals in romance. Each believes she is the town's best... more info

Orchard Hill: Volume Three: Softcover

ORCHARD HILL VOLUME THREE Includes: Disrupting Harmony Losing Patience Finding Joy PLUS SPECIAL BONUS STORY: An Angel's Advice    ... more info

Orchard Hill: Volume Two: Softcover

ORCHARD HILL VOLUME TWO Includes: Keeping Faith Enduring Hope Accepting Charity PLUS A SPECIAL BONUS STORY: Catching the Bouquet    ... more info

Perfect Shelter: Softcover

“Curse God and die!” That’s the advice Job got from his wife, and it sounds good to Elaine Mallory. After a life spent seeking... more info

Rainn on My Parade: Softcover

After firefighter Rainn Harris rescues Geneva Carson from being stuck in a tree, she feels she owes him. Helping to care for his autistic niece comes... more info

Redigo's Choice: Softcover

A poor Texas cowboy, a wealthy Mexican socialite, a whirlwind romance, and a secret marriage: the ingredients of a perfect love story, but for Redigo... more info

Reluctant Bridesmaid: Softcover

Jordan Harrison no longer trusts relationships, so when her widowed mother is swept away by a handsome, wealthy architect, Jordan fears the hasty... more info